Intelligent Infrastructure Is the Foundation of Industry 4.0 and Web 3.0.

Summary of video posted by the Autonomy Institute:

Edge computing, NextG wireless, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and resilient electrical grids will drive the largest infrastructure buildout in our nation’s history. The Intelligent Edge Infrastructure that will be the foundation for Industry 4.0 will include Digital Twins, Data Exchanges, and Public Infrastructure Network Nodes. “The Interstate Highway “1955 Yellow Book Maps” created scars across our nation, this new Intelligent Infrastructure will create unified communities.” Intelligent and Autonomous Systems, Industry 4.0, requires a dense, secure, and resilient “Digital Edge Infrastructure” at the edge of our sidewalks, highways, and communities. The PINN will be the standard that allows the next 100 years of technology upgrades. NextG, AI, and Autonomy are top priorities but ignore the giant elephant in the room – the dense physical infrastructure required. Intelligent infrastructure is as tactical as roads are to cars.

“Intelligent Infrastructure Is the Foundation of Industry 4.0 and Web 3.0.” YouTube, illustrated by Autonomy Institute,, 13 Nov. 2021,