The HUDIX NY1, 60 Hudson St NY Data Center Is A Powerful Destination for Financial Services Companies

Hudson IX’s 60 Hudson Street New York data center New York

Better Connectivity, Ultra-Low Latency in New York Tri-State Area
The New York metropolitan area is responsible for a substantial
amount of data creation and is a crucial connection point for the
U.S. national fiber network. Hudson IX’s NY Data Center facility at 60
Hudson Street is the most interconnected data center facility in the
New York Tri-State Area with ultra-low latency and the highest
carrier count of more than 300+ global carriers and exchanges with
high-density power and scalable capacity.
With more than 70 million feet of cables in the conduit
infrastructure, the Hudson IX NY Data Center Facility at 60 Hudson
Street is a key aggregation point and is one of the largest internet
hubs in the world. Our data center campus also has the densest
connection in New York City to the transatlantic cables that send
data to Europe (TAT-14).
Advantages for financial customers who choose this location
include zero cross-connect fees for direct connections within our
suite and the ability to effortlessly interconnect from the New York
facility to key Points of Presence (PoPs) throughout the world.

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