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The demand for high-speed and reliable connectivity will only continue to grow

As technology evolves and businesses become more reliant on the internet, the demand for high-speed and reliable connectivity will only continue to grow. This means that hubs like 60 Hudson Street will play an even more important role in connecting..

A critical connection point for networks across New York City, the United States, and Europe.

With the ever-increasing demand for high-speed internet connectivity, 60 Hudson Street has become a hub of activity in the telecommunications industry. As one of the largest internet hubs in the world, it serves as a critical connection point for networks..

E14: Navigating the AI Era: Insights from Joti Balani, Founder of

🎙️ New Podcast Episode Alert! Listen to the release of our latest episode on the Interxchange Podcast! 🎉 In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting the incredible Jodi, an expert in conversational AI and natural language processing. 🤖..

Revolutionizing AI Startups: The Power of Hudson IX’s Interconnected Data Center in New York

In the bustling heart of New York City, a technological marvel is silently shaping the future of AI startups. Meet Hudson IX's 60 Hudson Street facility in New York. This interconnected data center is not just a physical space but..

🏥 Transforming Healthcare: The Power of Data Center Infrastructure and Networking 🌐

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, data center infrastructure and networking capabilities have emerged as game-changers for leading healthcare providers. These technologies are revolutionizing patient care, streamlining administrative processes, and driving medical research to new heights. Here's a brief glimpse..

7 Ways Hudson IX is Sending a Lifeline to NY Healthcare Companies

In today's increasingly digital healthcare landscape, data centers have emerged as critical partners for the healthcare industry. These facilities, such as the Hudson Interxchange (IX) NY data center at 60 Hudson Street in New York, provide the invisible infrastructure that..

Game On! 7 Ways Hudson IX is Helping Gaming Companies Level Up

With over three billion people playing video games worldwide and a gaming industry revenue of almost $30 billion, there's a lot at stake in avoiding online glitches. Reliable, fast, and low-latency internet connections are more important than ever. Reducing latency..

The Old Western Union Building “Where the Internet Lives”

The Epicenter of Global Internet Connectivity at 60 Hudson Street, New York City The Old Western Union Building located at 60 Hudson Street in New York City is indeed considered one of the most important Internet hubs in the world...

Cato Rolls Out Bare Metal Platform: ‘Like AirBnB for Servers’

Cato Digital recently announced the launch of its bare metal server platform in the Hudson Interxchange (Hudson IX) data center at 60 Street in New York City, which is one of the world’s most connected buildings. Cato’s bare metal platform..