Game On! 7 Ways Hudson IX is Helping Gaming Companies Level Up

With over three billion people playing video games worldwide and a gaming industry revenue of almost $30 billion, there’s a lot at stake in avoiding online glitches. Reliable, fast, and low-latency internet connections are more important than ever. Reducing latency (“lag”) is essential in multiplayer games when money and rewards are at stake. That’s why leading gaming platforms use data center infrastructure and networking to reduce latency, improve server stability and improve online gaming. However, not all data centers are created equal.

Hudson Interxchange (IX) at 60 Hudson Street is a carrier-neutral data center in New York City. It is one of the world’s largest internet hubs and most significant aggregation points, with the best-reported latency in the New York Tri-State Area. We offer a unique combination of high-performance infrastructure, superior connectivity, uninterrupted uptime, and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to keep gaming companies at the top of their game! Here are a few ways Hudson IX can help gaming companies level up.

Benefits of Partnering with Hudson IX

  1. Unmatched Latency and Streaming Performance:Your mobile and gaming companies can stream quickly and seamlessly with the best-reported latency in the New York Tri-State Area.
  2. Hudson IX Unlocks Connectivity: Take advantage of Hudson IX’s extensive carrier count – the largest in the New Tri-State Area! Our fast, dependable connectivity lets your organization easily connect to numerous suppliers and applications.
  3. Performance-optimal Connectivity: Because gaming firms can’t afford downtime or service delays, Hudson IX’s seamless, rapid, and continuous connectivity with unmatched uptime supports your high-density performance.
  4. Unlimited Scalability for Your Gaming Company: Hudson IX offers rapid and flexible growth-ready, turn-key and build-to-suit gaming infrastructure to help gaming companies develop multichannel and personalized digital experiences.
  5. We Help Protect Your Business: Our industry-leading cybersecurity solutions protect your data and customers around the clock.
  6. Cost Savings: Gaming customers save money because of our flexible services to meet changing demands with a wide variety of global providers.
  7. Excellent Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Hudson IX’s strategic location and purpose-built disaster recovery services provide the fastest and most efficient recovery in the New York Tri-State Area.

Gaming organizations need a hub like Hudson IX with low latency settings that directly link to global networks and suppliers to improve business flexibility, reliability, security, agility and network speeds. Contact the Hudson IX team today. We’ll get you up to speed on our interconnection capabilities, flexible solutions, and turn-key and build-to-suit options for the gaming industry.

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