One of the world’s most concentrated hubs of Internet connectivity.

This landmark art deco tower the old Western Union Building at 60 Hudson Street is the epicenter of global Internet connectivity. Its strategic location, dense network infrastructure, network interconnection capabilities, peering exchanges, resilience, and redundancy make it a vital hub for the exchange of data between networks and the smooth functioning of the modern Internet.





Our 60 Hudson Street facility is designed to accommodate retail and/or wholesale colocation services, with power density exceeding that of most carrier hotels. Our equipment-ready facility provides 15 megawatts of primary power in any configuration from a single footprint to 5 megawatts.

Retail Colocation: Space, power, and access to connectivity are offered to customers who wish to deploy servers in a managed data center facility.

Wholesale Colocation: Large blocks of space and power are offered to large customers, including enterprises, cloud providers, or other colocation providers, who will customize the space to suit their own needs, which in some cases is for resale as retail colocation.

Available Space

120,000 SQ. FT

Of Colocation Space

One of the largest single-footprint data centers in New York City.

Unequaled Power

15 MW

Of Power

High-density colocation space utilizing a proprietary MicroGrydTM technology, offering dual contingencies and delivering the highest value in energy efficiency with direct primary utility feeds.

Seamless Connectivity


Global Carriers and Exchanges

Located at the world’s most concentrated hub of internet connectivity, our data center facility provides access to 300+ global carriers and exchanges with easy conduit access to seamlessly connect throughout building.

Facilitating Seamless Interconnects

We have two options to facilitate seamless interconnects.

Direct Connect & Traditional Cross Connect.

Hudson IX has the ability to interconnect with 300+ service providers. We facilitate cross connects within our suite and via our DMARC on the 12th floor. Our DMARC is established by a dedicated conduit that runs from the 6th Floor (HUDIX) to 12th floor and gives access to both MMA’s within DRT and Databank.


1000 KW (7 x 24/365)
Retail Pricing for Turn-Key Entry to NYC Market
Raised Floor Construction
53,000 Square Feet of Support Infrastructure to Maintain and Sustain the Data Hall Offerings


Transform White Space Into Your Space

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120,000 Sq-ft
15MW of Primary Power
Raised Floor or On Slab construction, Built-to-suit (Options to customize available)

Supporting Infrastructure to Maintain and Sustain

  • MicroGryd™ of Utility Grade Power
  • Generator Backup: N+1
  • Four 3 MW Generators
  • Expansion for Three Additional Generators
  • UPS and Battery Backup: N+1
  • Full Mission-Critical Back-Up
  • Cooling System: N+1
  • Cooling Towers On The Roof
  • Cooling Pumps
  • Dry Pipe Pre-action Sprinkler
  • 26,000 Gallon Onsite Diesel Fuel Storage
  • Direct Fiber Optic Conduits Built-to-suit
  • Over 300 Telecommunications and Global Network Providers Available