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The Carrier Hotel Sector is Heating Up

The colocation industry has seen a surge in investment activity as companies recognize the strategic importance of carrier hotels. Equipped with meet-me rooms/areas, these urban hubs have become attractive options for those looking to interconnect their networks - whether that's..

The Internet’s Critical Crossroads

If fibre cables constitute the road network across which data flows, then one of the internet’s critical crossroads lies within the handsome art deco exterior of a skyscraper on the edge of Lower Manhattan. In January 2022 Cordiant Digital Infrastructure..

The Benefits of Multi-Cloud Platforms for Enterprise Businesses

Summary Choosing a multicloud platform can deliver significant business benefits 89% of enterprises presently employ a multicloud strategy, according to Flexera's State of the Cloud Report 2022. Multicloud environments are those in which an organisation employs more than one cloud..

Securing IoT in Data Centre Infrastructure

Read the Article  Securing IoT in Data Centre Infrastructure | Data Centre Magazine., 5 Aug. 2022 Article Summary Almost every industry is experiencing rapid technological advancements thanks to the IoT. This opens the door for entire business IoT ecosystems,..