Data Centre Interconnection Special Report

Capacity Magazines July 2022 Special Report:  Data Centre Interconnection Special Report

Report Summary

There is a greater demand for data center connectivity and capacity, but for a different type of network, with reliability, security, and flexibility as essential components. It is not a matter of what is possible, but when and what type of network infrastructure will be required to support our imaginations. To achieve this level of flexibility, responsiveness, and dependability, we must transition to a future in which features such as traffic engineering and security are provided at the network edge while the core is scaled up, simplified, and optimized. This has implications for network design, including data center interconnection, among all cloud ecosystem players. This in-depth report examines the role of optics in the evolution of data center interconnection.

Interviews and highlights: 

  • Nokia’s vice president and general manager for network automation software, Sasa Nijemcevic, discusses the market’s evolution, opportunities, and challenges in this area.
  • Rafael De Fermn, senior vice president of network infrastructure at Nokia in Europe, outlines how the industry can advance to the next level.
  • James Watt, division head of optical networks at Nokia, discusses the most recent optical innovations shaping the market.
  • Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International, discusses with Capacity what this development means for network planning and where focus must be directed next.