NYC Data Centers: The Future of the Financial Services Industry

NYC Data Centers: The Future of the Financial Services Industry

As the song goes, “Start spreading the news…” and that’s what Hudson IX is doing for the financial industry as New York City data centers have a critical role in digital trading infrastructure.

The Big Apple is a critical global financial epicenter that connects to Wall Street, the largest banks, stock exchanges and financial institutions. Time is money, and the stakes are high to ensure connections are fast, reliable and secure to and from NYC. For example, a broker could lose $4 million in revenues per millisecond if their electronic trading platform lags behind the competition by five milliseconds. 

While 90% of financial services companies agree that digital technologies are disrupting the [financial services] industry, it’s crucial, now more than ever, for financial companies to partner with a New York data center provider that deploys in a reliable and secure cutting-edge facility with close proximity to major financial interchanges. 

That’s why the Hudson IX 60 Hudson Street Data Center in New York City is the #1 choice for financial services companies. 

How does Hudson IX boost financial services companies?

Hudson IX is located in Manhattan – one of the world’s most significant aggregation points – and the most interconnected New York colocation facility with ultra-low latency and the highest carrier count with 300+ provider connections, serving as a critical digital crossroad.

The Hudson IX NYC data center facilities interconnected hub and ultra-low latency environments directly connect to global networks and providers to increase business flexibility, reliability, security, agility and network speed.

Here are some ways Hudson IX gives your financial business a competitive advantage.

  • The largest available data center space in the NYC Tri-State Area with the most high-density power and expansion capacity.
  • Rapid and flexible deployment of turn-key and build-to-suit infrastructure optimized for financial organizations.
  • Ultra-low latency for fast and seamless connections.
  • Direct connections to global networks and providers.
  • Customized and flexible global and local configurations for security and compliance requirements of financial customers.
  • Increased business opportunities by tapping into new revenue streams and discovering new customer segments. 
  • Secure NYC data center facility with industry-leading fraud protection tools and services.
  • Close proximity and local presence to an ecosystem of market participants. 
  • Data sovereignty.
  • Cost-efficient: no cross-connect fees and no expensive long-haul circuits needed.
  • Direct connections and traditional cross-connections are available with DMARC to access Meet-Me-Areas (MMAs).

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