Podcast Roundup: Celebrating the Women in Our Industry

Hudson-IX Podcast Roundup: Celebrating the Women in Our Industry

We had a wonderful time celebrating women in the data center and telecom industries in March. In honor of Women’s History Month, the Interxchange Podcast featured some of the best and brightest talent who are revolutionizing the industry and paving the path for future generations. Even though Women’s History Month has come to a close, the conversations continue with these extraordinary pioneers.

Here’s a recap of our Women’s History Month podcast series.  ➡️


🎙🔗 ➡️ Getting Unstuck and Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: With Carrie Charles, Cofounder and CEO of BROADSTAFF Workforce Solutions

This episode features a conversation with Carrie Charles, Co-founder and CEO of BROADSTAFF Workforce Solutions, as she discusses her career journey, which includes working in the financial services industry and being a life coach. Carrie offers advice for women on overcoming imposter syndrome and moving out of their comfort zone. She also reveals a powerful tool that she uses to visualize what she wants to achieve for herself and her organization.

🎙🔗 ➡️ Taking Action and Building Your Career: With Jezzibell Gilmore, CCO, Connectbase

This episode features an interview with Jezzibell Gilmore, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) for Connectbase. Jezzibell discusses the benefits of having a diverse workforce. She explains why collaboration is so important in the industry and why it’s important to make solutions that focus on the customer. Stay tuned as Jezzibell shares words of advice for women who are just entering the industry or looking to take the next step in their careers. 

🎙🔗 ➡️Leaning Into Your Leadership Style: With Victoria Lamberth, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at ZenFi Networks

This episode features a conversation with Victoria Lamberth, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at ZenFi Networks. Victoria discusses how she became involved in the telecom industry and the formative experiences that helped shape her as a leader. She reveals the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and how she was able to lean into her leadership style as a woman in a male-dominated industry. Victoria also talks about the importance of mentorship and how men can best help their female coworkers. 

🎙🔗 ➡️How to Jumpstart Your Career: With Carrie Goetz, Principal and CTO at StrategITcom

In this episode, we speak with Carrie Goetz, Principal and CTO at StrategITcom, and Amazon best-selling author of Jumpstart Your Career in Data Centers: Featuring Careers for Women, Trades, and Vets in Tech and Data Centers. Carrie talks about the essential skills you need to be successful in the industry and how women and military veterans can best prepare for a career in tech or telecom. Discover some of the challenges women leaders often face and the power of helping others. 

🎙🔗 ➡️Celebrating Leading Women in Tech and Telecom: With Jackie Pasierbowicz, Sales Manager, Stulz USA

This episode features an interview with Jackie Pasierbowicz, Sales Manager for Stulz USA. Jackie reveals how she started in the industry and rose to become a sales manager. Jackie also discusses some of the challenges women often face when networking and the professional benefits of learning to play golf. She also speaks to the importance of manufacturing in the U.S., the problems facing the industry right now, and a possible solution to supply chain issues. She also shares more about an event later this year that will focus on professional development and feature 100% women-led panels. 

🎙🔗 ➡️Starting a Woman-Owned Business in the Data Center Market: With BROGAV Solutions “She-E-O” Celina Berglund

In this episode, we speak with Celina Berglund, “She-E-O” of BROGAV Solutions. Celina reveals why she started BROGAV Solutions and shares her perspective as a woman in the data center industry. Celina also talks about how BROGAV is meeting the challenges of lead times and sourcing and how she sees the trends in the industry. Find out why partnerships are essential and what the industry can do to attract more women and people from different backgrounds. 

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